Although you may not be a great announcer there is a place for you at Troon to serve in other capacities.  We are a business in need of volunteers as writers, web-site management, CD Library management, tech-support, and of course, on-air hosts  You'll be working with fun people, and assignments will be given with your ability, and choice in mind.  You'll  work at your own speed and we want you to be creative.  Although our positions are non-paying we vet applicants in accordance with the Volunteer Handbook used by Community Radio Stations throughout the US. 

There are many people who consider the time they spend at their local public station to be some of the happiest  times in their life. I hope this will include you someday.  We're in Durham, NC.  If you live nearby give it a shot and give us a few hours of your free time each week.  We'll try to make them a peak experience in your life.  Call Bob:  843-422-7174