Live Global TV broadcasts from "The Blue Note Grill" pioneered by

 Wednesday nite video broadcasts live from the" Blue Note Grill". The portal for the free video broadcasts is available at

The video shows at the BNG are a first such on-going video blues shows in the area. They are presented as a Community Service by , the BNG, and the Artists involved.  Troon has been working on a video compliment for the radio stream since we began their 24/7 programming last June.  Some of the technology being used in these broadcasts is only a couple weeks old (and we are the pioneers so be patient with us!).  Get the Troon app for your smart-phone and take us with you.

When we say "live" we mean it.  At that time we'll attempt to use Wirecast to connect the Blue Note Grill stage with every enabled computer or digital listening device in the world.  Stay tuned.