Bob Donaghey-General Manager

​         "The Bobbin' Show"

   Monday-Friday 7-9AM EST

TROONRADIO is on the air 24/7. Get a free APP from your APP store to check the entire Troon Broadcasting System's various streams, traffic, weather, news, etc.  Troon is more than a radio station:  we're a whole system with video on the horizon. Now you'll have us in the palm of your hand. . .  Stay trooned!

We're now streaming  We're available on all Apple, and Android devises with our app from your webstore.  And, our live music show (Wed. 8PM est.) from the Blue Note Grill can be found on You-tube and all Smart TVs everywhere a short period after the live broadcast. 

Global radio from a local perspective

Now broadcasting 24 hrs daily

Stay Trooned!